Q&A: Where Do You Buy Homeopathic Remedies?

homeopathyThis question came from a Singaporean mum. I thought it might be useful for families who are living in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia on where to source homeopathic remedies.

Question: Where do you buy homeopathic remedies?

~ Mum in Singapore


My Answer:

I get my homeopathic remedies from many sources, it depends on what you’re looking for. Currently, I am doing Aperture Prescribing Homeopathy with my Aussie homeopath, Tina in Australia. She will send me the remedies herself and I don’t need to order anything. The protocol is quite comprehensive and there’s usually remedies within the protocol that can help with whatever ailments we might have. I rarely have to use other remedies, aside from the occasional need for Arnica for bumps and bruises or Calendula for scrapes and cuts. However, over the years, I have accumulated quite a bit of remedies during the years of doing classical and CEASE homeopathy, as well as the remedies for our first aid kit. Please see below for my favourite shops;

Helios and Ainsworths are traditional homeopathic pharmacopeias. They custom-make their remedies and are a favourite amongst some of the homeopaths I’ve worked with. They offer thousands of varieties of remedies, potencies, pills, tablets and others. Suitable for ordering remedies that requires different potencies from 1x to 10M and above. Helios is my pharmacopia of choice for ordering specialist remedies, especially for CEASE clears. Ainsworth has a great 42 remedy Essential Kit, I always travel with it. Helios also carries a range of remedy kits that’s handy for those looking for a starter kit. Ainsworths also has a great, easy to use Remedy Finder if you need help in choosing a remedy yourself. Both are based in the United Kingdom and will post to nearly all countries.

iHerb.com – they carry a good range of single and combination remedies for fevers, flus, colds, allergies,  and many more. I purchase my arnica creams, calendula creams, as well as homeopathic ear drops and nasal sprays here, fantastic for earaches and nasal congestion. Brands such as Nelson’s, NatraBio, Boericke & Tafel, King Bio and Hyland’s are popular brands. They also carry cell salts also known as tissue salts. Most of the remedies here are low potencies ranging from 1x to 30C.

Homeopathy Plus! in Australia is also a good choice for remedies. They carry a wide range of single remedies and also carry a range of their own combination remedies, called complex remedies which in my opinion, are rather good. However, due to the exchange rate, at times I find the UK or US shops offer better value. Don’t forget to sign up to their newsletter, lots of useful info there.



My current favourite shop in Singapore is Supernature on Orchard . Sort of like a mini-version of Wholefoods, it carries organic produce and foodstuffs (fresh, frozen, chilled and packaged), GFCF breads, kefirs, household products, bodycare products, essential oils, herbal and natural remedies, homeopathic remedies, flower essences and more. You can get your basic remedies such as Belladonna, Nux Vom, Arnica, Apis, Rhus Tox and more at 30C potencies.

VitaKids in Singapore carries a good range of combination remedies and singles including Oscillo, Natra Bio and others including arnica and calendula creams. They also carry a great range of vitamins, herbals and natural supplements.

Looking for a homeopath?

To find a homeopathy practitioner, all you have to do is Google homeopathy and your neighbourhood or area to find a practitioner closest to you.  Or my preference is to ask other families for a recommendation. Most are practicing classical homeopathy, a few practice functional medicine or use biofeedback machines. If you are looking for a CEASE practitioner, please search based on country here or scroll down for the complete list here. There are CEASE practitioners in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Dubai and many more. If you would like to do Aperture Prescribing Homeopathy, please get in touch with them by making an appointment here at Dhanvatari College of Homeopathy.

If you or your child are currently under the care of a homeopath, please check with your practitioner first before self-prescribing. Going rogue and self-prescribing may impact your current homeopathic protocol by interrupting your current remedy. It is also best to consult with a homeopath on the appropriate remedy for your illness or complaint. Many homeopaths will also provide you with the remedies, so you may find that there is no need to order them online unless required. Combination remedies are ok for the short-term until you are able to see your homeopath in my opinion. This is not meant to be taken as medical advise, merely based on my experience using homeopathy for my family.

For more information on the different methodologies in homeopathy, please check out these great articles Comparing Different Approaches to Homeopathy by Raising A Sensitive Child and  Aperture Prescribing in Homeopathy by Dhanista Dasi.

2 thoughts on “Q&A: Where Do You Buy Homeopathic Remedies?

  1. Hi Marissa, im christina here. Wat is the procedure for hemopathy…..getting consultation first or prescribe it…wat do you suggests first …

    • Hi Christina,
      I highly recommend you consult with a homeopath. He or she will prescribe the correct remedies for you. Unless of course, you are looking for a quick remedy for simple issues, then you can buy any of the remedies sold online. However, if you are treating a more complex illness or chronic health conditions, then it is best you consult with an experienced homeopath.

      The procedure with homeopathy is exactly the same as a mainstream healthcare. If you’re sick, you see the doctor, he or she will then prescribe the appropriate meds for you. Sometimes, when you’ve got a simple illness like a cold perhaps, and you have experience with which OTC meds to use, you’d rather buy them from a pharmacy. However if you have absolutely no idea which medicine to choose at the pharmacy, you can either do your own research before hand, or just go directly to the doctor. If you have a serious medical condition, of course you should see a doctor rather than self-medicate. I hope this helps.

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