Got A Sore Throat? Invite THIEVES Into Your Home!

Best sore throat remedy! For sore throats, or at the start of any cold or flu, I try to halt the progression of the illness before it becomes full-blown with Thieves. Young Living’s Thieves essential oil soothes sore throats and provide analgesic relief. It is antiviral, antibacterial, kills airborne bacteria, mold and pathogens. Thieves is an immune booster, powerful against sore throats, colds, flu, fever and coughs. I always make sure I have Thieves in my home.


Take note, some of the methods below are not suitable for children. Internal use is for adults only, and need a lot of courage to do this!

How To Use Thieves Essential Oil 

Thieves Water Shot – Put 1-2 drops of Thieves essential oil into a small glass of water. It should be enough water that youcan gulp in 1 swallow. I call it a shot. Swirl, swish or stir it vigorously, you want to kinda ‘dissolve’ the Thieves a bit otherwise if a glob of it hits you when you swallow, it’s going to BURN. It will still burn even if you stir it, but less. You can either gargle a bit and swallow, or scaredy cat me, I just gulp it in 1 shot. I don’t even swish it around the mouth because it burns. However, if you have a bad sore throat, gargling a bit may help. The key is to get the Thieves to hit the sore infected spots. If your mouth still burns from the Thieves, you can take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, because oils will help dilute EOs. 1-2 times a day is more than enough. You can also search the web on how to make Thieves tea, your own throat spray and more.

thievesApply Thieves – Apply 1-2 drops of Thieves over your throat with some carrier oil as it is a hot oil. Apply some on your feet too. Do this several times a day. This is fine to do day and night. This is suitable for children too.

Diffuse Thieves – add 10-12 drops of Thieves into a diffuser and place it close to you. Breathe it in, this will also prevent other family members from catching your illness. This is suitable for children too. I prefer not to diffuse at night, as I find it interferes with my sleep. Thieves is immune stimulating and kills pathogens, so it’s hard to sleep when your body is busy attacking and defending.

Thieves in a capsule – put 1-2 drops of Thieves in an empty capsule, fill the rest with some coconut oil and swallow the capsule with water as usual. However, this will deliver the Thieves to your stomach, it will bypass your sore throat so it may not be as effective. The key to EOs is to get it into the bloodstream, rather than the gut. Same as the above, only do this 1-2 times a day. This is the least effective method btw.

Most importantly, when you are doing any of these, remember to BREATHE it in. Often times I wake up the next morning and my sore throat is gone. If you need help getting Thieves essential oil, please contact me. I hope this helps, good luck!

* For more info on essential oils for autism, ADD/ ADHD, Asthma, Allergies and Eczema, check out this blog by my friend Jessica Gianelloni.

3 thoughts on “Got A Sore Throat? Invite THIEVES Into Your Home!

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  3. I’ve given thieves mixed with agave to my 3 yr old and 5 year old and they were okay. They weren’t happy the first two times but the body is amazing and I think it knows it’s good stuff and it was easier after that. I wouldn’t give it to anyone under 3 though.

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