5 Health Strategies To Beat The Haze!

Remember the terrible haze that engulfed Malaysia and Singapore last year? I haven’t quite gotten over the memory of the terrible smog and toxic air. Even with my windows closed, the acrid, choking smell still seeped through. All of us had sore throats, itchy eyes, rashes and coughs. It was even worse for children with asthma and the elderly with weak health. The smoggy haze got to such a critical stage, it was almost apocalyptic. The haze kept getting worse and worse until it reached hazardous levels. We even had to leave the country to get some fresh air because my daughters were getting so sick.

In preparation for the possibly upcoming haze, I am sharing my 5 health strategies to beat the smog and pollution, and keep our family healthy.

1. Stay indoors! Keep your windows and doors shut. I tape over any shutters with thick cloth and industrial tape, and I sealed the gaps between the door and floor with damp rolled up towels. If you must go outdoors, wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants and wear a good face mask.

air filter2. Run a powerful HEPA filter in your home, especially in the bedrooms. I have a normal-sized and a large-sized filter, however I find the smaller air filter is just not adequate. If you can, invest in a large HEPA filter, it is a worthwhile investment if you live in a smoggy city. I alternate between air filtering with diffusing Purification essential oil. Diffusing Young Living’s Purification eliminates toxins in the air from cigarette smoke, mildew, mold and more. I have 2 diffusers, one for my daughters’ bedroom, and the other one alternates between the living room and my bedroom.

3. Support your immune system – My family and I take Epsom salt baths, probiotics, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 daily to support our immune system, detox pathways, and fight free radicals. Other immune boosters include cultured foods and drinks, bone broths, fermented fish oil, Echinacea, elderberry syrup and zinc. Remember to drink lots of water, this helps flush out toxins in our body.

haze24. Young Living Essential Oils – Apart from diffusing Purification at home, I also apply Thieves on our feet before we go out to prevent infections. Thieves essential oil is antimicrobial, antiviral, anti fungal and an immune stimulant. Gargling with Thieves also helps with sore throats. Check out Got A Sore Throat? Invite Thieves Into Your Home!  I apply RC essential oil to treat any respiratory issues such as cold symptoms and coughing. For itchy, irritated eyes or eye infections, I do eye-cupping with Frankincense essential oil.

UNDA5. Homeopathy – One of my favourite homeopaths, Dr Angelica Lemke sent some UNDA remedies to a few of her existing and former clients in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia last year. She was concerned about the terrible haze in our region and kindly offered to send us these Homotoxicology and homeopathic remedies to treat the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning and toxicity. Please consult with an experienced homeopath before using homeopathic medicine.

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone! ~ www.SpectrumMumInMalaysia.com

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