Fish Oil For Autism: EPA, DHA and the Low Down On Omega 3


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Fish oil is a staple supplement in my children’s autism treatment protocol. Even though both my daughters are now recovered from autism, they still take fish oil daily as part of their essential fatty acids needs. Children with autism usually have a higher need … Continue reading

>Nordic Naturals in Malaysia


Nordic Naturals is now available in Malaysia. It is sold at Bebehaus stores in Bangsar Village 1, Mont Kiara and 1 Utama. They also accept online orders and can ship within Malaysia and internationally. Please contact them directly for the types of Nordic Natural’s range of fish oil and flavors they carry at The product is not listed in their website but it is definitely available in their stores. They carry limited stock so please call them directly beforehand.

Nordic Naturals fish oil is certified pure and mercury-free. At the DAN conference in April 2010, many parents questioned about whether they were soy-free. We were assured by DAN speakers on stage (I think it was Dr Sid Baker or Dr Jon Pangborn) that it is GFCF and soy free compliant as the soy derived ingredients does not actually include soy proteins. 
Fish oil and cod liver oil contains Omega 3, an Essential Fatty Acid that contains DHA and EPA. The benefits to supplementing with EFAs are enormous, not just for children with Autism but for everyone too. Our bodies do not produce EFAs, it is  obtained from food sources such as fish. For most people, we benefit in a diet high in fatty fish, olive oil and eggs as they provide high amounts of EFAs. However in Autism, our children have problems converting the EFAs from food into the form that is necessary for many biochemical reactions. Unfortunately, certain fatty fish are also known to contain high amounts of organic mercury. And many children on the Autism spectrum also have allergy or intolerance to eggs. Thus, the need for a pure, mercury-free source of fish oil is very important. 
Fish oil is one of the first supplements to start on in biomedical treatment, nearly all ASD children will benefit from high doses of Omega 3. Take note that Omega 6 and 9 should be taken in moderation if at all, the balance ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 should be closely monitored. Most children only need Omega 3. There are many certified mercury-free fish oils such as Kirkman’s, ProThera (parent company of Klaire Labs), EyeQ and Nordic Naturals to name a few. You can also buy them online from the online shops listed on this site. However, for Malaysian parents who are not able to purchase them online from overseas stores, please contact Bebehaus to enquire about Nordic Naturals. 
Personally, we have used Efalex (a locally available fish oil, though not certified mercury-free), Kirkman’s Cod Liver Oil, several different formulations of Nordic Naturals and Eicosamax Omega 3 from ProThera. We have also used Evening Primrose Oil instead of fish oil for a brief period as it has a calming effect. Currently, my girls prefer the taste of Eicosamax Liquid by ProThera. Fish oils are available in liquid, gel capsules and chewables in many flavors. Depending on your child’s age and ability to swallow, there are many choices out there for every one. Some children show almost immediate improvement on Omega 3 supplements, however some don’t. Both my girls do not seem to show any obvious improvements however this is an important supplement in our biomedical treatment and we give them fish oil every day. We also believe that EFAs were crucial in reducing the girls’ inflammation and oxidative stress.
My husband and I also  take fish oil capsules daily to improve our health and mental abilities. I don’t think it has made us any smarter, but we do feel better knowing that we are doing all we can to keep depression at bay and to prevent Alzheimer’s. Another plus is that my skin and hair are not as dry as it used to be. No more patchy dry skin and frizzy hair!
Please read this inspiring article on fish oil and Autism, hopefully you too will experience the same in your child.