Gluten-Free Bread, Fresh From The Bakery!


Gluten-Free Bread, Fresh From The Bakery!

Freshly baked gluten-free bread from Ben’s Grocers in Publika, Kuala Lumpur! My daughter Mei loves it to make organic roast chicken sandwiches. And Min Min likes hers with sugar-free peanut butter, organic strawberry jam and fresh banana slices, yumm…

Take note – contains eggs and butter. The texture and taste is nice, and they can slice the loaf for you, perfect for sandwiches and the toaster. I spoke to the bakery staff, they will produce more gluten-free choices from March onwards such as Italian focaccia, Turkish flatbreads and savoury pastries. At the moment, they have the gluten-free bread loaf and flour-less chocolate cake. Happy GF-ing!