Thanks For The Massage Table Gr8tergud!


Thanks For The Massage Table Gr8tergud!

My very good friend Reshma helped me get my massage table from Gr8tergud´╗┐. Thanks to the massage table, my back will no longer be sore when doing the Tactile Integration and Oralfacial Reflex therapy for my two daughters. Gr8tergud is a not-for-profit organisation set up by Reshma Yousuf to provide more resources and opportunities for the autism community in Malaysia. Gr8tergud aims to bring more career opportunities to young adults with autism. Go get your massage table now!

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Gluten-Free Bread, Fresh From The Bakery!


Gluten-Free Bread, Fresh From The Bakery!

Freshly baked gluten-free bread from Ben’s Grocers in Publika, Kuala Lumpur! My daughter Mei loves it to make organic roast chicken sandwiches. And Min Min likes hers with sugar-free peanut butter, organic strawberry jam and fresh banana slices, yumm…

Take note – contains eggs and butter. The texture and taste is nice, and they can slice the loaf for you, perfect for sandwiches and the toaster. I spoke to the bakery staff, they will produce more gluten-free choices from March onwards such as Italian focaccia, Turkish flatbreads and savoury pastries. At the moment, they have the gluten-free bread loaf and flour-less chocolate cake. Happy GF-ing!